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As a freelancer & consultant, I have experimented with digital marketing & growth hacking for years, discovering & developing strategies and integrating them into a system that works. Here's the basic framework of your marketing funnel, based on my experience in helping hundreds of businesses grow.

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Attract Targeted Traffic

It all starts with getting targeted traffic to your website using tactics such as SEO, social media marketing, PPC advertising and more. But getting consistent traffic from prospects is futile unless they don't take the desired action, such as submitting their contact information or making a purchase.

Generate & Nurture Leads

Most of traffic to a website consists of 1st time visitors. And not being familiar with your brand, they rarely make a payment or enquire about your service. That's why it's very important to get their contact information or track who they are. Eventually, as you nurture them with relevant messaging and earn their trust, sell your product or service and turn them into buyers.

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Promote & Grow Sales

It doesn't end there though. A real business is built on raving fans, to whom you can up-sell or cross-sell further. It's when they buy from you over and over and become your evangelist in this uber-connected world that you'll make real money from your internet business.

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As long as you are honestly building trust and solving your leads’ problems, they’ll love hearing from you. But as you can see, it may take a lot of time doing all of this work yourself. A smarter strategy will be to outsource all this to someone having expertise in those areas. And that's where I fill the gap.


In addition, there is a full-refund guarantee when you hire me. Finding the right talent can really reduce a lot of stress and hassle you may face during your journey. Just click that big button at the top and fill your details in the form, and I’ll show you how to generate more leads and sales with digital marketing. Free!

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