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Hitesh Sahni is a freelance digital marketing consultant, copywriter and growth hacker empowering business owners with more traffic, leads, sales and brand power.

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Struggling with lead generation, client acquisition or sales? I have helped dozens of businesses worldwide, while experimenting & developing strategies that work, integrating them into a system that gets traffic, generates leads and turns visitors into paying customers and clients.

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Digital Marketing Planning

Digital Marketing Execution

Digital Marketing Consulting

Get a strategic roadmap to raise awareness and grow sales with my proven and rapid process.

Need a digital marketing expert but not a full-time hire? I have the right skills and expertise.

Get help evaluating opportunities and marketing performance to accelerate growth.

Clients Love Me

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Jason GriffithOwner, HomeProAv                

Hitesh has outperformed what other marketing agencies have ever done for us. He has been a pivotal point in our overall online success.

Ankit DudhewalaFounder, SoftwareSuggest    

Hitesh empowered us with creative & effective lead generation strategies, along with engaging and compelling content. I can’t recommend him enough!

Rick KatzMarketers Rescue            

Very happy with the results of the project. Great work, very professional, and I’ll definitely be hiring Hitesh for a lot more campaigns.

Ian Anderson GrayPartner, Select Performers    

Hitesh is known for solid frameworks and powerful advice. If you want to take your digital marketing to the next level, then you must pick his brain.

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Hire Me For All Your Marketing Needs, At Just $25/Hour  

As long as you are honestly building trust and solving your leads’ problems, they’ll love hearing from you. But as you can see, it may take a lot of time doing all of this work yourself. A smarter strategy will be to outsource all this to someone having expertise in those areas. And that's where I fill the gap.

More Reasons To Choose Hitesh Sahni  

For startups and small businesses, digital marketing is often difficult due to lack of time and expertise. Outsourcing lets them have someone else do it for them. But with hundreds of service providers with varied claims and costs, it’s a difficult choice. Here's why I am a good partner for you, so you can avoid vendors likely to waste your time and money.



I am not an agency in which different people are responsible for different things and your project is handed over to an inexperienced staff member, or worse, an intern who can't answer a question fast without checking with someone else. Your in-house marketer may not have experience developing score cards or identifying the right metrics to track and deliver on set objectives.

I have built systems and processes to report on metrics consistently and have the experience to identify relevant metrics. Outsourcing your marketing to me provides more tangible understanding of what results are being delivered and what ROI is being achieved.



Small and mid-sized companies often have little or shared resources dedicated to marketing. While this provides full-time focus on marketing activities, it does not deliver a strategic outlook and a mind-set on marketing’s role in achieving overall business goals.

I brings a strategic mind-set to the marketing function and can ensure that marketing contributes to the overall success of the business. I am your complete digital marketing department. This means that you don't have to communicate with or manage a whole bunch of vendors or components. 



​Being a freelancer allows me to have none of the overheads of a big agency. The lower it costs me to provide my services, the better my pricing for you without compromising on quality. So instead of charging anywhere between $55 to $100 an hour, I get to work for you at just $30 an hour.

In addition, not having to staff full time marketing personnel gives considerable flexibility to your business. It is amazing how many times I see SMB owners think they are saving money by hiring a sole full-time marketer. Often times a salaried employee is unnecessary and the overhead is significant.

A freelance marketer or agency can be placed on retainer at a fraction of the cost, with the benefit of more experience at your fingertips. You can scale up and down as the intensity of the business and marketing objectives change. Outsourcing allows you to access the quality and level of experience you need for your goals without HR costs and considerations.



If your house needs new plumbing, would you replace it yourself? Probably not. This is best left to a seasoned professionals who specializes in the area. You can try to save money and cut corners by doing it yourself - but chances are you will end up with a lot of wet household items.

This analogy holds true for digital marketing. Hiring someone with little experience at low salary will neither save money nor increase marketing effectiveness. Costs can easily sky-rocket and strategic campaigns become infrequent or disorganized.

I have been hooked to digital marketing for almost a decade now. From humbly starting a blog in college to helping dozens of small businesses and startups worldwide, I know what works.

Digital marketing is more than just one marketing tactic like SEO or Social Media. To be effective, you may have to execute an array of integrated tactics, from content development to lead nurturing for example.

My experience with most marketing tactics out there reduces the risk of failure and mistakes because the learning curve is greatly reduced. By outsourcing your marketing to me, you get access to a decade of collective knowledge, which results in more effective marketing. 



There has been an explosion of digital marketing tools and tactics in the last decade, like webinars and social media. As a result, your business can be bewildered by the marketing options available.

I'll use my proven experience to choose the marketing tools and tactics that'll deliver the best results given your objectives. This can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars and hours by avoiding investments of time and money on marketing initiatives that won’t deliver results. 



There is value in having a fresh perspective on a business. Outsourced marketing brings new ideas and new questions about customers and market opportunities. It brings new approaches on how the company can get its message out, avoids entrenched opinions and business politics, as the relationship with an outsource partner is collaborative, but independent.

Hire Me For All Your Marketing Needs, At Just $30/Hour  

As long as you are honestly building trust and solving your leads’ problems, they’ll love hearing from you. But as you can see, it may take a lot of time doing all of this work yourself. A smarter strategy will be to outsource all this to someone having expertise in those areas. And that's where I fill the gap.


In addition, there is a full-refund guarantee when you hire me. Finding the right talent can really reduce a lot of stress and hassle you may face during your journey. Just click that big button at the top and fill your details in the form, and I’ll show you how to generate more leads and sales with digital marketing. Free!

Frequently Asked Questions  

When Will The Digital Marketing Efforts Pay Off?

The top concern a new client is how much time it will take to get results. For most businesses, it may take little more than a couple months to start seeing tangible benefits.

In the early stages, two weeks is a reasonable milestone to create a strategy, in which I'll clarify your target market, value proposition and messaging. In the next couple weeks, expect me to develop content and optimize your website. Timing will depend on the complexity of your business though. 

The next step will be to set up advertising campaigns (if it’s appropriate) for your target market and type of business). As the process continues, I'll keep a watch on marketing metrics like leads, size of prospect database and website visitors so we can measure progress and refine the plan based on results.

In digital marketing, repetition is key. Your target market needs to see the same message up to 7 times before they start making an association of that message with your brand or purchase anything. We need to spend as much or more effort promoting your web content as we did creating it. 

Once a marketing foundation is built, most companies can expect growth in their pipeline within 3 – 5 months, meaning they engage prospects and are able to build and nurture leads. 

How Much Of My Time Do I Need To Commit?

Smart business owners know that even though they’re hiring a marketing guy, they’ll have to invest their own time as well. This is especially true in the early days of marketing, where all of the strategy and planning take place.

Ideally, you should set aside at least 2-3 hours per week in the first couple months to communicate with me. This is vital and will help me align with your goals and vision. After the strategy and foundation is complete, managing a marketing effort doesn’t have to take up scads of time. Your involvement is the best way to guarantee your marketing success. 

How Much Money Should I Spend To Be Effective In Marketing? 

To make a real difference, you have to be prepared to spend money. Generally, the benchmark is to spend at least 5 percent of target revenues on marketing. The 5%-15% benchmark is helpful to establish a rough budget. 

As a rule, companies should expect to spend more (about 20%) in the first year when they’re launching and getting things going. Of course, every company is different, but these guidelines will let you know, at the very least, whether you’re spending more (or less) than you ought to be.

SEO, Social Media, PR, Ads, ... Where Should We Start? 

Because there are dozens of different things you can do in digital marketing, it can seem overwhelming and daunting to just take the first step.

Only when you have a solid plan locked down should you start looking at different ways to execute them. Next up is your tactical roadmap. Don’t go with flashy marketing tactics first if you haven’t built a solid foundation. 

If you don’t have an optimized website, this should be your first priority. It doesn’t make sense to do a bunch of advertising that sends people to a sub-par site. You need great content to launch it with confidence. 

While many people call social media or SEO free, it really isn’t. It takes time and intelligence to do it well. It’s better to do a little bit really well than to try everything and have it all fall apart.

My Articles On Digital Marketing

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